Redding Moreys are planning a number of activities

Below is a *preliminary and unconfirmed* list, which will be elaborated in the weeks to come and be published in the form of events.

Saturday 12th September, Heritage Open Day
Watlington House, Watlington Street, Reading RG1 4RJ. 10.00 – 17.00. Reading’s oldest secular building. Edwin and John will talk about Redding Moreys and offer samples of 1513 food and drink.

W/e 12th/13th September 2015, Swanage Folk Festival
Howard and Chris will be there to talk to people over the weekend. A workshop on Sunday afternoon. They may appear in the church service on the Sunday morning!

W/e 24th/25th October 2015, Dance Around the World, EFDSS
EFDSS. Cecil Sharp House. We have been promised an opportunity to do a 1 hr workshop/demo but we don’t know which day or time yet.

6th February 2016. Redding Moreys EarlyTudor Food event

Charvil Village Hall, The Hawthorns, RG10
An evening **for your diary**. We’ll demo and talk about Redding Moreys. Early Tudor food. We’ve been trying to get some early Tudor singers there to add to the festivity. Details to follow.

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April 2016. ‘Nine Daies Wonder’
James Denny is planning to do a “Will Kemp” by dancing from Bath to Croydon (!) next April. He plans to go through the Reading area on these dates. We plan to participate in the event, dancing along.

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